You deliver your script via email, with as much information as possible about how you want it to sound. Are you selling something, offering a calm description of something, do you have weighty text and jargon and you don’t want people to fall asleep..? All this kind of information helps me get it just right for you.

I record in my studio, and deliver your finished voiceover to you in the format of your choosing (mp3/WAV etc) either via email or WeTransfer.

If you wish, I can time your voiceover to fit exactly to the length of your video.

I usually deliver the voiceover as one long file, but I can also cut it up and send you sentences on individual files. This is often what people prefer if I’m recording their automated phone options.

I can also offer directed sessions, where you get to listen in and give me your direction. We can do this via Skype audio or FaceTime Audio.

For gearheads (like me!) my kit is:

SE2200 Studio Condenser mic and pop shield.

Audio Technica ATH-M40 headphones.

Izotope RX7 editing software on desktop Mac.

Please ask a question using the Contact Form if you need any other help!