Ah. The all important question.

My fees for Corporate Videos and Explainers start at $260/£200 for up to 2 minutes of video (usually up to 350 words). This delivers you a clean de-breathed and processed file, ready to go on your video.

You can also specify the kind of processing you want, or even specify a RAW file if you want to do all the work yourself!

E-Learning is on a per-word basis, and curiously the industry standard means that it’s cheaper per word than corporate (40c /30p per word). But there’s a lot more of it!

For both the above categories the price goes up a bit if you want multiple takes in different styles, or you think you might change the script so will require pickups, or even a whole new take. We can discuss! I’m always keen to accommodate your needs and come to a price we’re both happy with.

Here’s a recent example: The client required 3 minutes of voiceover for internal video for staff and B2B showings. Client anticipated one round of script changes, plus 2 rounds of minimal pickups after that. Total price was ¬£360.

If you’re looking to monetise the work i.e. it’s a radio ad or Youtube Pre-roll, then we can negotiate usage, as anything commercial is in a different bracket.

And just like when you hire a builder or a plumber: you get a quote first. So just ask, it’s free!